Mike Tyson’s Tweet About The Black Keys

The Black Keys announced their fourth album Turn Blue by posting a creepy David Lynch inspiered video on Youtube.



And then they got some help from Mike Tyson.


That’s the way to announce a new album! And this is how the first single Fever sounds like. Looking forward to the album release on May 13.


Two teasers from Lykke Li

Her album I Never Learn comes out May 6th. It’s the third album in a trilogy that began with the debut Youth Novels in 2008 and continued with Wounded Rhymes in 2011.

The two songs are melancholic in a wondeful way, with acoustic guitars, orchestral strings and a heartbroken Lykke Li fronting in the videos.

Jungle – Platoon feat. B-Girl Terra

The coolest 6-year-old girl in this music video for the song Platoon by Jungle.