Röyksopp & Robyn


New singel from Röyksopp & Robyn, with the same name as their tour this summer, Do It Again. And off course it’s great! Here’s a lyric video while waiting for the real one. Looking forward to the Do It Again Ep that will be out May 26.

3Jane by EMA


Lissten to beautiful 3jane, the 3rd song on EMA’s new album The Future’s void. I love the careless but jet intense sound of the album and her voice that’s rough but still a soft whisper. The whole album is incredible with vibes from the grunge and the nineties.

Alice Boman’s music is magic


I’m so in love with Alice Boman’s music. It’s magic, with the most beautiful, misty sound. Her first album will be released this summer, the 3rd of June to be exact. And it’s going to be an album that puts her EP Skisser together with six new songs. Here’s the video for one of the new ones, What. I think this could be the album of the year.

Mike Tyson’s Tweet About The Black Keys

The Black Keys announced their fourth album Turn Blue by posting a creepy David Lynch inspiered video on Youtube.



And then they got some help from Mike Tyson.


That’s the way to announce a new album! And this is how the first single Fever sounds like. Looking forward to the album release on May 13.


Two teasers from Lykke Li

Her album I Never Learn comes out May 6th. It’s the third album in a trilogy that began with the debut Youth Novels in 2008 and continued with Wounded Rhymes in 2011.

The two songs are melancholic in a wondeful way, with acoustic guitars, orchestral strings and a heartbroken Lykke Li fronting in the videos.

The War on Drugs release Lost In The Dream

wodlp3.11298covertext The War on Drugs new album Lost In The Dream is out March 18. It’s the third album from the Philadelphia band and it is written and produced by the frontman Adam Granduciel.


I’m probably not the only one with high expectations on this follow-up to their great album Slave Ambiant from 2011. You can get a taste of Lost In The Dream by listening to the first single Red Eyes. You will recognise the crispy guitarrs and echoing vocals from their last album.



The 18th of May they’re playing at Debaser Medis in Stockholm. Here you’ll find all the dates for the Europe Tour.